Oct. 17th, 2012 03:57 pm
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painful is lactose intolerancy explosive poop.


yes. go ahead and laugh, but this bloody hurts.

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Background info; we are on a well system for water, which sucks, especially with the fact that it was a very dry summer. We've been try to conserve water - faster and less-frequent.showers, flushing with buckets, etc.


Found out this evening that Jeff, when washing his clothes (via washing machine), rinses them twice.


What. The. Fuck.


Apparently, he wants to be sure all.the soap is rinsed out.


Okay, you complaining, water-wasting FUCK. Listen - one, it's a washing machine. Two,.... USE LESS SOAP THEN YOU FUCKING MORON.


This, btw, from the man who refuses to rinse soap off of dishes.


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also, i made a rocky road cake :)


Apr. 25th, 2012 07:51 am
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ok, so, my bad. totally havent been on lj in, well, weeks. totally typing this on my phone....


i fly to canada today!!!


i have spent the past two weeks with bobby here in california and it has been wonderful :)


ill try to remember to post some pics. i could still forget.


totally randomly, i had a weird-ass dream this morning, that i was at disneyland with my friend staci. for some reason they had a lot of maleficent (sleeping beauty villain - my fave disney movie!) merchandise.


like they had a bunch of child maleficent stuff, as if they were launching.a new tv show for maleficent being in school.for fairies, including her bff who guided her along the dark path. idk who she was, but she had a red dress, a, black hair, she looked like a mean and snarky bratty child, and all her merch was monogrammed with a K. weird.


also, child maleficent was adorable as fuck.


anyhoo. so in my dream it started to rain as we'd been heading to the new maleficent parade in tomorrowland (wtf.), and i mean pouring.


so we darted into an old-timey pub for shelter ( that tanya had called and recommended to me, and decided to get food. just as we ordered the sailor moon deluxe dessert plate and sailor moon cheese snack tour, i woke up.


seriously a crazy-ass dream. wtf.


anyway, next time i post, i'll be in canada!!!!! ttyl :)

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happily, i now have three awesome snape things on my wall XD

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A better image of my AWESOME Makoto/Snape picture from Anastasia -
Love, love love it!!!!

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*fangirls all over my room*


so awesome!!!!!!

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yay! my snape poster arrived yesterday!!!


it is next to my autographed-by-alan-rickman snape photo, too. squeeeeee



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i took off the rubbery robes. better and sexy, even if his head does look a little big now.


but he is good with nice details, even the wand!

15pts to Slytherin!!

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so, a while ago I got a 3DS. I set it up last night lol. I fail.

After making various miis, I made a Snape mii....who promptly stalked away from all of my other miis, amusing me greatly.

SO much win!!!

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yay smartphones lol

yes, that's my kitty. ;)

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android app, go!

wonder what it can do... ah well. bedtime.

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