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So it comes down to... what influences your mind? Is it a bodice-ripper of a novel? Your clothes? Make-up? Overall appearance? Or just totally random?

Well.. maybe all of the above (tho I can't speak for novels lol)....

I mean, a girl's clothes are her armor. If you're wearing slopping grungy clothes, chances are you're going to feel a little lazy, or maybe artistic. If you're wearing a suit, you're most likely to feel stiff or formal. Naked you probably feel either comfortable or vulnerable (as the classic dream tells us...) Us girls judge each other more harshly than we judge ourselves, or how guys judge us.

For me... feeling sexy is when my hair is out of my face, I smile...and I like the person I see in the mirror. My best armor is simple jeans and a t-shirt, maybe an overshirt. I want to feel pretty but casual, friendly, and open.

So I guess..when I feel pretty, I feel sexy. I know I've got a decent chest, and I usually like my eyes. I don't use much make-up, to be honest.... I keep my jewelry to minimum, too. (usually earrings, wedding ring, and maybe a necklace...if I wear my engagement ring or the ring he gave me for an anniversary gift it can make marks on my projects when I'm working, so I've lost the habit.) Maybe a light spritz of perfume. (And I do mean light... 1 tiny spritz. Been using the same bottle for over a decade..almost gone tho! So sad!!!! It's my favorite scent too...Summer Hill from Crabtree & Evelyn.)

Feeling loved makes me feel sexy, too! If I'm treated like I'm loved and wanted (not just "ooh boobies" or grabbing my rear lol), then I really feel pretty. ^__^.

Random rambling! BLAH FOR NO SLEEP!!! lol

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