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[Error: unknown template qotd]Here;s the thing: I CAN live without computer stuff. Easily.

But it's such FUN!!! <3
So for me it's my laptop. It's portable, even if I hate typing on a tiny keyboard. And I LOVE my keyboard. It;s old, but hardy. Despite the dusty bits, the scratches, the times I'm smacked it on the desk, and the random spills of purple nailpolish, it is my friend. It knows my fingers and how I type! I loathe using other keyboards... I wish I could find another one of these to replace it...but I LOVES IT SOOOOOOO!!!!!

I tend to keep in touch with friends via the net and gaming so....a computer that can run WoW at least is important. Nice gfx is a total bonus.....

I love it when a laptop or desktop can make sure that a game is as breathtaking as it was designed.

Anyhoo.. back to WoW.

Oh totally random... my server was down so I made a gnome mage. Named her Pinkydimples.


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[Error: unknown template qotd]Oh god...so many choices.....

"Accessory" implies portable, really...so I guess that leaves off a desktop able to play any game no matter how intense...

And I DO so love my purple ipod....(it...it's purple)

I guess that I'm really more of a nerd than a geek tho... so while a kick-rear laptop or desktop for gaming would be <33333 (and it would have to be purple. Just like my chopsticks and metal slurpee straw and ipod.)

*hides my replica of Snape's wand in the purple leather holster I made for it* >_>.

I. Am. A. Nerd.

Yeah... current gaming setup?

ASUS laptop (it's got bubbles on it!!!!!) hooked up to my 21 inch widescreen HD LG monitor... along with my 7-year-old-utterly-reliable Dell keyboard (I love you !!! Don't leave me!!!!! No one makes a good keyboard like this anymore.. all "fancy" now.... this sucker takes my abuse and thanks me for it.), and my Logitech G3 mouse....so yeah. I'm dual-screened.. AIM and net on the laptop screen.. game on the big shiny monitor.

Oh yah and vent. Wiigii!

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