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My latest project is FINALLY  completed!!!! I've been working on it off and on since April. I don't want to know how many hours I've put in to it. But it is DONE!!!

Well, minus the lid, which is downstairs, and a clear coat of sealant.

I don't often dabble in "traditional" style, so I wanted to do my style - a lucky trip to WonderCon landed me the glorious inspiration of Peter Beagle's "The Last Unicorn". So, I made me a unicorn jar. :)

Jar done for the International Federation of Leather Guilds 2010 Show, hosted in Saint Louis, Missouri, by Gateway Leather Guild. (of which I am currently a member)

Jars are to be used as table decorations, then raffled off.

I am making no money on this jar.

The cutting of the leather and edging done by Charlie Crow, tooling, coloring, design, and assembly by me!
Info :) )
And now.. for piccies!
Cut For Pics )

Hope you like it! ^_^.
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Ugh.. so.. started painting.

This is the culmination of about 5 hours of work - halfway done with the branches, finished Amalthea, and finished the Last Unicorn.

What remains? Finish branches, any touch-ups, the cherry blossoms, and seal it...ow my aching back and fingers lol

Pictures!!! (unicorn with and without flash, Amalthea with flash only, not enough light, sorry!! It's nighttime)

Pardon the flash on Amalthea here.. she's actually much smoother than she appears here.. this is what happens when I use a flash with no other light sources. ~_~.


New pic! I fixed Amalthea's skin tone :)

I used an iridscent wash on Amalthea's hair (mixed with yellow, VERY pale), and used it as well in the Unicorn's white wash, as well as highlights on both. Amalthea DOES have violet eyes and the lightish pink star on her forehead. (Another of those flash things lol) I may choose to lighten her skin tone as well.

Hope you like it :)

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