Dec. 22nd, 2015

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Sorry, folks.

Things got utterly crazy, but the house sold!! Our move-out-by date was December 4th (of this year! wtf!) so we had a mad scramble to apply for an apartment lease, pack, and move.

Not to mention that the Immigration folks finally processed my paperwork, and set my appointment for December 1st.

It was lunacy, but we got it done! I am officially a Canadian Permanent Resident! I have a SIN, so I can job-hunt, but I have to wait 4-6 weeks for either my permament residency card or my updated driver's license so I can get my Health Card. (And yet the same person changed my driver's license address with absolutely no proof that I live there....despite the new address being on the paperwork from the government. sigh.)

We also have an apartment now, and we are both really happy here. The cat also seems really happy.

We're almost done unpacking, and it's just...really nice! I'm thinking of doing a video tour once I'm all done lol. We do need to purchase a TV (our old one was his dad's, and a massive tube tv. no.) so Bobby and I are hoping to find a good deal on Boxing Day. And maybe a new couch (our current one is his dad's and kind of a piece of crap lol), with a sleeper so we can have company. But I would need to measure... etc.... And it's not high on the list.

Hmm. What else have I been up to...

Lots of unpacking/decorating. Writing. Working on some fanfics heeheehee. I can't wait until we're fully settled in and everything can go back to some semblance of normalcy...

Christmas soon! We're all decorated and I've been doing some crazy baking. Not as crazy as I usually get, because of space constraints: as much as I love this apartment, I miss our massive kitchen!

How are you all?

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