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Yes,  I love leatherwork. I love carving the leather. Turning that lovely blank piece of hide into a picture or...I dunno. It's just really amazing to see the changes it undergoes for me.

And while I'd really love to be able to sell my work... I still love to do it for me. <3

I'm pondering possibly doing an homage of some of the webcomics I read, but I don't know. Just for practice. And fun. But this means probably acquiring permissions from the respective artists...

Or I could just do what I do for most fanart - post a disclaimer, send a link to who I can, and, of course, remove the image if there's an issue.

Life's full of tough choices.. @_@.

Also, I don't see what the big deal is about carving on leather. So far, I have had one denial when asking for permission to carve someone's work unless I used synthetic leather.

First off, synthetic doesn't do that lol. But what's so wrong about it??? The cow had to die anyway. The meat got sent to meat places. the hide got tanned and I bought it... the bones probably went to chew toys or something... I didn't kill the cow. But I can create something beautiful with it.  If I was going to die anyways, I'd rather leave something of beauty and creativity behind.

Another thing.... I don't do much -if any- traditional work. I love to carve the type of art I enjoy. Anime. Manga. Comics. Video game stuff.

Wanna know what that means? No one that I've seen yet does this type of carving. So I get the joy of creating new ways to adhere to the stylistic rules while carving.

It's actually pretty neat!!!! I've been asked to teach a class on it at the 2010 IFOLG (international federation of leather guilds) show that's being hosted in Saint Louis. I believe that the public will be able to enter -for a fee- if folks are interested. The 2009 show is in Indianapolis, I believe.

But yeah... There are come funky art rules that apply in anime that generally aren't there in leather carving.

It's fun though. I'm thinking of trying to make a tutorial between now and then to post on my DA (http://SchuldigTheRed.DeviantArt.com), but.... we'll see. I can't do all those neat computer tricks other folks use. It'd have to be entirely hand-written/drawn.... yikes. My handwriting varies halfway through a sentence, it'd end up being illegible!!!! lol

So we'll have to see. Maybe I'll find some awesome nice person to take my notes/drawings/writing and make it pretty for me. I've got time though.... As long as I've got it done by 2010 (assuming I'm still teaching the class by then rofl... it's entirely possible for me to go "eep!" and flee), I'm 20 kinds of happy.

Especially since there are so MANY things to teach!!!

Am I teaching to an audience that already knows how to select a hide? Prep for carving? Basic carving techniques? Or am I starting from scratch?

I think that if I did a tutorial for my DA, I would have to do a series lol... Selection/Basic Carving/Anime-style techniques.

Maybe one on color? I do a LOT with washes. I'd like to think that I am improving on that end, though.

Unfortunately for me, I am nearing a point where I will need a new hide soon. Who wants to give me $200 for a top-quality tooling hide? *grins* Nah, I'm kidding. :)

Well.. I'm tired... gnite, folks.


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