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Yay for starting the backgrounding! In the small areas, I'm just using the pebbly-backgrounder..in larger spaces I'm using both the pebbly one and the fluffy one. :)

Not too bad, eh?

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So, yeah....finishing a checkbook cover for Astra (my layout went missing, so... blah.).... might be doing a scale case for a friend...

But this is kind of for me lol... mostly practice/fun...so...heck.

I didn't like the big blank space in the upper left, so I added Utena (from the manga when Akio compares her to Venus... love that pic), Ami, and Miaka.

So VERY glad that the second Miaka's hair didn't come out looking like a sausage..... was my worry.

Here I've been working on tooling deeper.  I actually beveled deeper than I carved, so it has a softer, rounded look. I also cut some of the folds and wrinkles, instead of just using the modeling tool for them, to help with the sheer illusion on Houki (yeah.. it's Houki. I like her better these days....)'s sleeves, and to make them stand out more on some of the robes.

I used the hair tool for the Libram the little blood elf paladin there is sporting....the 2 elves have a little more detail work to go, but I'm going to do be doing most of it with color.

So, yes, next is cleaning it, then coloring it. :)

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