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Tonight. I made sweet corn, macaroni and cheese, and burgers! :)

How could we live  without that classic burger?

Well, some of us do. Myself, I love a good burger. And I can make turkey burgers or regular beefy burgers delicious!

1/4lb meat per burger usually does it
worcestershire sauce
dried minced onion
garlic salt
garlic + herb mrs dash

Turkey Burgers (for those of us who don’t like beef, or maybe only eat poultry and tofu)
1/4lb meat per person
worcestershire sauce
soy sauce (I prefer dark)
dried minced onion
garlic powder
garlic salt
bread crumbs (I like italian-style, but plain works too)

Regardless of which kind you prefer to make, from here on it’s the same, minus a few mixing instructions.

Mix up the meat with the worcestershire sauce. You don’t want alot of it, just some. A splash per side of burger – so you can even do this when cooking if you prefer. For turkey, add enough soy sauce to color it brown.

Add the dried minced onion.  Just lightly blanket the pile of meat.

Time to mix in the spices!  2-3 shakes per burger is my usual MO for garlic & herb and garlic salt. Grind the pepper in generously. About 21 grinds, give or take a few depending on your tastes and those you’re serving to.

For turkey, add breadcrumbs now, too. Just a bit, about1/4 cup’s worth, and mix it. Yes, get your hands in there.  Mix and mash. Turkey has a looser feel to it than beef, so as you’re mixing you might need to add more breadcrumbs to make it feel right.  (for this, keep some off to the side in a measuring cup. Don’t wrap meaty hands around bottles and containers!)

Now form the patties… I usually grab the portion (like 4 burgers, I grab 1/4 the meat), make a little ball…and mash it flat, into a nice round patty.

Put the heat up on your pan (or grill, or whatever) and cook them like you usually do. RESIST THE URGE TO MASH THEM WITH YOUR SPATULA YOU JUST WASTE JUICES!  If they’re taking a long time to cook (say, you like them well done) and you’re doing this indoors on the stove, go ahead and cover them with a lid. (outdoors, close the grill.)

When they are almost done, remove from the heat and let the sit while you prep buns and plates. (also a great time to add cheese, so it gets a little melty and holds on!)

Dress to your taste and enjoy, for they are yummy!

**If you have problems knowing when your burgers are done, this is how I usually cook them:

Pan on medium heat, cook one side until gray/brown up the side to the top. Flip.  Then about 5-10 minutes, usually. Poke them gently with the spatula. Firm means well done.  (make a fist. poke the skin between your thumb and finger. that’s well done. as you loosen the fist, that’s medium-well, medium, medium-rare, rare, etc. seriously, poke the raw patty and see the difference!) For the record, I like my meat DEAD!

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