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Now, I don't mind grocery shopping. Sometimes I even enjoy it! 

I love preparing a meal, and I love seeing people enjoy it when it's done. I like knowing I've done something well.

But still, certain things bother me.


Two things that should never be packaged with each other, or with other items - cleaning products,...and raw meat. And I should never HAVE to ask. It should be trained "don't do that!!".

I can stand that lovely loaf of bread I got from the bakery being crushed under a can - joke's on you, it' s a french bread. Has a firm crust, ya wingnut. It'll be fine - because I'm going to fix that as soon as I open the trunk to put the bags in.

So keep the dish soap and bleach away from the bananas and pasta and cheese, please. It bothers me.

But, honestly, not as much as raw meat near those items.

Cleaning supplies, okay, I can wash off the bananas, and hope the packaging of the cheese will protect it - usually not, in my head, but.. okay.

But think on this - that raw meat, that glistening chicken breast, that marbled ground beef, that luscious steak, that sweet-looking pork roast... they are all handled in the back room. Where the nice people wear gloves and handle your dead animal.

So then they package that raw meat - still wearing their meaty gloves. Touching the plastic wrap. The tray. All with the same gloves.

So do you think that that package is sanitary? Do, you, really? No, no it's not. So then it sits on the shelf. With other meat products. That have, again, been wrapped by those same meaty fingers. And have been sitting there maybe longer.

So I pick up my meat last. It goes on the bottom of the cart - and I do mean the bottom. If I'm  thinking, when I grab my produce, I get some extra plastic bags, then, inside out, I grab the meat with the inside of the bag, then pull it right-sided to be even cleaner.

And yet... when I go through the checkout, I have to ASK them to please bag the meat seperately.

Seriously? And then they look at me like I am stupid.


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