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Oh god... I spent almost 30 minutes typing about books... and one misclick of the mouse side button...and...gone. ::poof:: Just like that.

Oh that makes my soul cry......

Anyhow.... I love to read. I do. I'm a little miffed that at the end of last month I ordered some books from Barnes and Noble (had a gift card) but they won't ship til the 24th! I'm so sad.. they're all in stock, why can't I have my preciouses now?

I read webcomics, comics (though I am sorely out of practice and WAY behind), manga, and books.
Yes, I realize that manga ARE comics... just to me the art style makes them different.

I read webcomics every day... well.. I check them. I'll read the new ones, and sometimes I start all over and reread the whole story again. :)

*Megatoko - really good ongoing story that I love to death!!! First webcomic I read, too. :)
*Ctrl+Alt+Del - funny, I get most of the gamer jokes. Most. not all. And the sillies trend to *gigglefit*
*Sore Thumbs - Interesting. Sometimes I don't know why I still read it. Sometimes I do lol. At the moment it's too slow!!!!! lol
*Misfile - ongoing story billed as: a girl who used to be a boy, a girl missing 2 years of her life..and the pot-headed angel that did it to them.
*Yu+Me: dream - ongoing story with amazing art, really creative and I love it! I'm a total yu+me addict.
*Looking for Group - ongoing classic rpg-type fantasy story. Richard is the greatest character ever. Genius. I love LFG!
*Awkward Zombie - Random comics about games and whatever else. So true.. I think I'm alot like the artist is why I find it so awesome.
*Candi - ongoing story. :) Pretty decent . Candi herself kind of reminds me of a friend of mine, which is funny. :)
*Red String - story about love, of course! I adore the art (see some of the icons I use lol) and the story is amazing.
*Cardboard Angel - interesting story about a fangirl and the ghost she's supposed to be helping/being helped by. I likey. :)
*Devil's Cake - Really pretty art about a girl and what I think is a devil. Moving kinda slow and not really forthcoming with info. Pretty, though.
*Applegeeks - funny. random. funny. I likey!
*Shortpacked! - retail toy store with an odd cast. They're awesome, and it updates Mon-Fri.. what more could I ask for?
*I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!! - same author as yu+me. much like a retro comic and well done,  love it <3
*Joyce and Walky! - same author as Shortpacked! Kinda long to go back through, but I enjoyed it. Some story, some stand-alones. :)

I used to read:

*9th Elsewhere but I missed a few months and the archives don't work. So sad.
*Patches but they haven't updated in almost a year. Quite sad. Kinda worried about the author at this point, I hope she's okay. (yes, I still check every day, hoping.....)


I used to read X23, and Samurai of Heaven and Earth primarily but I'm lost now. Arlo wouldn't take me to the comic shop so I  have no idea how many  I am missing. So I don't read many comics anymore. Sadness. Oh, I do love the Legend of Drizzt comics. :)


**Angel Sanctuary - missing volume 18 I think but I read it all b4 the US release so I'm okay lol. I ADORE Kaori Yuki's art. I wish to carve it someday soon....
**GodChild - more from Kaori Yuki. Need 4 and up.... so sad.
**Count Cain - again, Kaori Yuki. Need all of it. I read some b4 the US release but.. must..have..more!!!
**Absolute Boyfriend by Yu Watase. Only 6 volumes,  read it all, I have the first 2,w ant the rest. Really neat story about love. And dedication.
**Yami no Matsuei to 11, need 12+. Good story, goes MUCH further than the anime.
**Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden by Yu Watase. waiting for 9! I loved Fushigi Yugi so much.. and this is just as good!!! (hmm I still need/want to replace my first 8 books of Fushigi Yugi...and the first 4 of
**Immortal Rain I have to 7. Great series, clean art... waiting on 8+.
**Loveless I'm waiting on 5 to arrive, but I own 1-4 and 6-8. Waiting on 9, too. I LOVE this series art and story-wise.

Other manga I like are/were Chobits, For The One I Love, Dramacon, Fushigi Yugi, Ceres, Shojo Kakumei Utena, Gravitation, x/1999, Hikaru no Go, Magic Knight Rayearth, Sailor Moon..gosh, I am NOT checking the bookshelves lol.

Now, to books!!!!

I LOVE to read books. Can't stop me. Just try - you might lose an arm. Or a head. Or some fingers. Depends what's closest when you try to take a book away lol.

Recently Read:

**Innocent Mage by Karen Miller. Book one of two...Semi-formulaic fantasy story, but really well done so far. Ended in a cliffhanger, waiting on book two!!!
**The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. AMAZING fantasy book!!! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's different. It's clever. It's wonderfully done and I adore it. WANT BOOK TWO NOW!!! lol
**Ranger's Apprentice: Siege of Macindaw by John Flanagan. Well done semi-fantasy series. Ruins of Gorlan and Battle for Skandia are so far my favorites in the series, but overall it's a great story, well done, really creative. Halt is awesome.
**Scar Night and Iron Angel by Alan Campbell. First 2 in this dark scifi/fantasy/steampunk series. Some really neat ideas, but in Scar Night the author tended to try to describe the city repeatedly. As soon as he stopped and let the story go, I understood what the city was supposed to be like. Overall really good reads. Once you meet Dill you can't put them down. Waiting on book 3, God of Clocks, to come to paperback now. :)
**Selling Out by Justina Robson. Really great series my sister turned me onto. SciFi/Fantasy/Steampunk I'd say. The first book starts off a little technical but once you get through that it takes off and is hard to put down. :)
**Night Angel Trilogy (Way of Shadows, Shadow's Edge, Beyond the Shadows) by Brent Weeks. Dark fantasy - first one's darkest but only to start. It's amazingly well-written, inventive... It's got magic. Killers in the night. Kings. Queens. Gods. Demons..... You really can't pass this up, I highly recommend it.

Currently Reading:
The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. Steampunk novel, only 9 pages in so far but so far so good.
The Dame by RA Salvatore. Next in a series. I usually like his work lol.

Can't wait to to get here so I can read them:
Northwest of Earth: The Complete Northwest Smith (Planet Stories Library) by CL Moore and CJ Cherryh. Scifi. Looks to be written very differently. We shall see!!!!!
The Soprano Sorceress by LE Modesitt Jr. Fantasy and the favorite of my best friend, and when I peeked in with Amazon's thing I was hooked. WANT NOW!!!! lol
Summoner Book One in the Chronicles of the Necromancer by Gail Martin. Fantasy. Looked interesting lol.
Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder. Scifi. Looked good.

Favorites that I cannot live without? Would save first in a fire or flood?

The Empty Crown
(Sword of Maiden's Tears, Cup of Morning Shadows, Cloak of Night and Daggers) by Rosemary Edgehill.
Fantasy trilogy. Who can resist ice cream, librarians, elves, New York, monsters, magic, love, and Naomi's cooking? No, it is not a dirty book. It's a great fantasy tale, great for people who quote stuff. The characters are amazing and likeable/hateable/interesting.... Easy to identify with someone and it totally sucks you in.

Expendable by James Alan Gardner.
Science Fiction. First in actually a series, but any of the books can and do stand alone. Expendable, Vigilant, Hunted, Ascending, Trapped, Radiant is, I THINK the order. Only really sure that Expendable is first, Radiant is last, and that Trapped is in there somewhere. It's a bit more stand-alone than the others, which have clues as to where they go in the series. So I'm going by ISBN numbers lol.
Anyways. Story of Festina Ramos, Explorer First Class of alien planets for the Technocracy. I love this book. Read it for yourself, I don't want to ruin anything about it.

Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
A collection of little true stories/escapades of Totto-chan during her school days at Tomoe. I LOVE THIS BOOK TO DEATH. I've read it so many times that my copy fell to pieces and I've had to replace it. Can barely guess it's a true story, too. It's beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone with children, around children, or are still a child at heart.

Moving Zen by CW Nichol.
True story of the author's time in Japan spent learning Karate. It's inspiring but never preachy. Calm, funny, insightful.. I love this book. Quick read, though. :)

Guess that's the top 4. :)

Books I've love to own:

The Spellsong War, Darksong Rising, The Shadow Sorceress, and Shadowsinger by LE Modesitt Jr
The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti
The Magicians by Lev Grossman
The Final Empire (Mistborn, book 1) by Brandon Sanderson
Fairies of Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

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