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Hey everyone!

I've been so busy lately that I honestly haven't been on much. You see, I've been making pillowcases for my new Etsy, Stitchumsempra. It is now open for business, and I have new fabrics coming in, too, and there are of course photos of those on the Facebook page.

It would really mean a lot if you would take a look at my Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/Stitchumsempra and maybe give me a Favourite!

The Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Stitchumsempra is where you can see what border prints I have in and what designs are upcoming!

I do custom work as well as the as-shown photos, so if you see a border fabric you love but want something different for the body and accent, I'm always happy to work with you. I also offer cross stitching, as well!

Thank you so much in advance for your support!! ♥
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My dad just called.

This morning, my Nammy passed away in her sleep. She was 92 and a half. She lived through the Great Depression, saw my granddad off to WWII, and was a fighter until the end.

She was short; all of us grandkids had a life goal to be taller than Nammy.

She had five children, four boys and a girl. She had twelve grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

We miss her so very much.

As Uncle Bob lives in Portugal, and I’m in Canada, the plan is to cremate her according to her wishes, and plan in advance a memorial so all of the family can attend.

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Less sad today, which is nice.

Had a great long Skype with one of my friends, who’s coming to visit in August. :)

Eavesdropped on DnD and finished the pillowcase to match the one I made for my mom’s bday. I figured that she should have two and they should match. Because of reasons lol.  My nephew even sat on my lap as I pinned and sewed, demanding “up! peas. Up!” Very cute.

He handed me fabric to piece together and listened when I showed him the pins and said not to touch, that they’re sharp and he’d get hurt.

I taught him to say Snape, but it comes out Mape. I’ll take it. He calls my cat, Pensieve (or Penny) “Money”. And I’m “Kitty”, not “Katie”. He’s got my husband’s name down, though, but “Bobby” is pretty easy!

(I am, however, teaching him NOT to chase my cat, but to wave and say “hi Penny” instead of touching.”

I got an awesome package of goodies from my friend, too! She sent me TimTams, which I’ve never had, and a Snapey recipe for a cold and flu tea along with a duo of letters and some throat candies. She’s so sweet. T__T.

(Don’t tell, but I plan on making both gals matching pillowcases and I sorta want to do something for their guys, too. Dunno what yet. We shall see what I can find?)

In the bad news… I messed up on my mom’s pillowcase twice and had to sew two sections BY HAND. Which sucked, but hey it’s done.

I also managed to twist my back between having a two year old child on my lap. Ow ow ow ow. My hubby got me an Aleve and I’ve got a heaty pack on it. Aaaaah….

How are you all today?
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Can I just… have a hug?

My dad called a bit ago, Facetime, actually.

My Nammy (his mom) isn’t doing so well. She’s having trouble with fluid, and her heart can’t pump it out, she’s on oxygen, etc. What they were doing was shuttling her back and forth to/from the hospital, but at this juncture that will gain her 5-6 months of pain and discomfort. She also has Sundowner’s (and I hope that was spelled right, I haven’t googled it).

Or they could stop that and let her fade on her own in one, two, three or so months.

She’s terrified of dying in general, and my Uncle Rick is in charge of her living will (no heroics), and was in charge of Grandad’s, too, so he had to make the tough decisions.

He’s elected to stop having her poked or prodded, which she hates, saying “that’s no way to live”. He’s stopped that. All of the other aunts and uncles agree that it’s right. Hell, I agree that it’s right.

But it doesn’t make it any easier that my 92 year old Nammy is going to die soon.

We’re also not telling her. No mention of hospice, or of death. Just going to be there for her and love her. No more making her uncomfortable. Just doing what’s right for her.

I know I don’t see her much, even though I write at least once a month, but I’m so sad.
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Today the power went out and I had/have to bake for my nephew's second birthday party tomorrow morning.


sed may 29

May. 29th, 2015 09:03 pm
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i'm sick
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I'm really quite pleased with myself!!

A while ago, I started on a birthday present for my mom, and I finished it today! With plenty of time to spare!

Pics and whatnot! )
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Here's hoping the image loads - I finished my cross stitch!

It's 7.5 x 4.5 inches edge to edge (trimming would probably easily fit it to a 4x6 frame), and while there's two changes I'd make on the second one, I'm really happy with it!!

And of course if anyone wants it as-is, I'd be happy to sell it! ;)
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While I'm still working on that pillowcase gift, I'm also trying a bit of a cross stitch project!

I don't want to do the entire poem, but the first two lines sounded like a good beginning, and I laid out seven different bottle designs, including a small one and a round one (the only two described in the book). I'm having quite a bit of fun! I like the nice neat font, rather than stitching out full letters. I need to find more fonts like this, where it's a single line, but in different styles.

I did lose my temper today (why does the older set insist on bitching about smart phones and the like?), but I didn't insult anyone directly, mostly ranted and was a bit rude. Because my god. *headdesk* I lack the patience to deal with it some days, and today was one of those days. Oops. Will I apologise? Probably not, no.

In other news, I've done the laundry and hung it to dry indoors, and the little bug zapper we picked up on Tuesday seems to be working! We keep it by the computers while we're home, and in the bedroom at night. I haven't been bitten by any new mosquitoes, which is fantastic. (Although I'm still so terribly itchy from the first few days of the season. So irrititable.)

I'm trying to think of a nice gift to stitch up for one of my friends online, but I don't want to give the game away, so to speak, my asking. She gave me some lovely colour-varying thread from her work and I want to do something nice for her. (I'd do her blog name but she changes it frequently. Boo.)

Unsure if tonight will be another disc of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, or if the hubby would rather play WoW. Depends on how tired he is from work. :) Speaking of, he's home!!! Off to greet him with a kiss ♥
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Today I took Bobby to work, then came home and did stuff, then picked him back up and we went to see Age of Ultron.

No spoilers - it was AMAZING. LOVED IT TO DEATH OMG.

At Bobby's work, I found an apron pattern and some ADORABLE fabric. I doubt I'll make an apron out of it but it will be good and easy practice for some other fabric I have. :) <3

We grabbed groceries and then splurged on Domino's and now we're watching X-Files.

Walking isn't as bad today and I'm able to sit on the couch without too much hip pain. I'm trying ice and keeping an Aleve regimen going. Sitting at my computer for any length of time is so painful and I'm not looking forward to the lack of sleep I'll be gettin tonight due to pain. :(

The wig cap and luggage tags from my sister and mom arrived. Comic Con on Friday - oh boy!!

Back to X-Files. <3
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Happy Star Wars day.
I hurt my hip somehow and am in much pain.


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I have begun work on a quilted pillow case! The colours and patterns on the fabric I have chosen were inspired by "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and its sequel. I'm hoping it turns out well and is done by my mom's birthday. :) If it sucks, I'll have to plan something else.

Comic con starts Friday and I'm hoping the wig cap from my sister arrives in time.

My cat has begun scratching where she shouldn't be - namely my leg and the back of Bobby's desk chair. It's not pleasant and we're trying various methods to get her to stop. Penny is my first cat with front claws, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me. A painful one!

I'm running some old WoW raids tonight for Achievements with my mom, sister, and husband. Such fun, since we've got them on Facetime for easy chatting and making faces at each other. ;)

I kind of want to go work on my pillowcase, but I think the whole "noisy sewing machine" thing may piss off the upstairs, so I had best not.
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SSHG Promptfest is coming, and I admit that I am terribly excited!!

There has been SO MUCH DRAMA going on lately that, frankly, I think that we need this little celebratory slice of fan heaven. (Seriously, I go away for a week and shit exploded, so hard to keep up lol)

People seem to be getting wrapped up in such petty things lately, and I really hope that promptfest will be the breath of fresh air that we need to reinvigorate the fandom.  Cross-over prompts are allowed this year, and I'm not sure how I feel about that, since I'm not terribly keen on cross overs. But hey, I don't have to pick a cross-over prompt to do! :-D

I've been sad to see people pulling away from the SSHG ship, or to see how quickly things turn to drama. We're all online, folks - instead of exploding, we should work on taking a step back and finding a polite way to say something. It's okay to walk away and cool down.

I would love to see a great participation this year for SSHG Promptfest, I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope I find a prompt that speaks to me!!
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So, a couple of months ago, Cara McGee (who does some sweet Harry Potter art and a crapton of nerdy teas on Adagio.com, I'm a massive fan of her blends and art) was going to the UK on a trip and raising funds by selling the originals of her Inktober projects.

So I did the math. Could I, with my money leftover from WWoHP and cross stitch commissions, afford a little something? Help out an artist I admire?

I COULD INDEED. I did the math so fast. I knew EXACTLY which original I wanted.

I regret nothing.

Well, my art is finally here (yay!), and she included a tea sample and a neat little punk!Harry Potter print, which is amazeballs, but I am head over heels in love with my Inktober.

(Don't worry, all pics can be linked for full size!)

Nerdy Awesomeness Under Cut )

Oh and she needed more funding so guess who bought Molly & Arthur (with tea!!!!!!!), too? Can't wait until they're here! XD

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You now what I would love to have?

A scarf like Snape's, the one he wears to the Quidditch game in Philosopher's Stone.
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What do I do when procrastinating on writing?
I doodle. Usually Snape, sometimes Severus and Hermione.
Under the cut is both. ♥
Read more... )
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Dude, yesterday I was so dead tired. Lay down, thinking I'd nap for an hour or two when my phone alarms went off... Nope. Woke up at 11pm when Bobby got home from work.
Went back to bed four hours later. :-\
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I'm alive.

I'm just dead exhausted.

I got into one hell of a groove with my novel, even if I didn't "win" NaNoWriMo or make my goal.

I am so tired I can't think straight, so I might just go take a nap.

Mmmm, nap.

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So, good news!!

As some of you may or may not know, while I was at WWoHP, my Nammy (dad's mom), went into the ER for oh, little things like internal bleeding, fluid retention, and struggling to breathe. She did stop breathing on her own, so they sedated her and put a tube in, the whole works. Things were looking so bad that my dad almost flew home a day early from his work, no one was telling Nammy how bad it was because they didn't want her to stop fighting, but no one thought she'd be leaving the hospital...

But now....

My Nammy is doing MUCH better! A medication they’d put her on made her very weird (slurred speech, not knowing where she was, etc), but they took her off of it and she’s her old self. She’s eating fine, breathing on her own (last I checked she was on oxygen, though), her physical therapy is going well…she might even be able to go back to where she was living, rather than being transferred to a different place.

I’m so happy!!! :) Thank you all for the good thoughts and wishes and prayers!!! ♥♥

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