Aug. 25th, 2016


Aug. 25th, 2016 12:46 am
dragoon811: (Snape - lets get drunk)
It's one of Those Weeks.

Everything goes wrong. Everyone wants something from you. You are exhausted and can't sleep and are near tears and there simply isn't enough time in a day any more. Routine is shot. Plans are torched. Things that gave you joy are hollow chores. You unintentionally stick your foot in your mouth at every given opportunity and to be honest you really just sort of want to die.

It's that sort of week.

(And before anyone worries, I'm not about to off myself. I am well aware depression lies and I've managed so far I'll keep going. It's just a shitty week.)

But hey, at least I posted on lj within two weeks of my last post, right?

I'm shitty company so I'll just crawl back into my hole where I don't have to pretend to be cheerful or keep talking to try to assure someone what my meaning actually was and where no one will ask me to do anything until about 8:30am.

Here's hoping that I can sleep and sleep well instead of having fairly terrible nightmares.

Send chocolate. And Snapes. And maybe some hugs.

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