Aug. 15th, 2016

dragoon811: (Green Quill)
I seriously need to work on being better at Livejournal.


Bad me.

My goal is to post at least bi-weekly...and reply to all the nice commenty people on promptfest (oops).

So...what is up with me, hmm? Not much.

Lady Time is imminent, which sucks, but that means I get to make brownies, the traditional household "appeasing of the uterine beastie". I get my favourite pieces, hubby gets the corners. (He doesn't care which pieces he gets. Strange man. I am all about the sides and the delicious delicious center.)

I have been knitting more! I am over halfway done with the baby blanket I am making for Tanya. She's not due til January, and I know I have a mountain of to-knit for Christmas, but I am really finding that now that I'm halfway it's too heavy so I need to knit on it more so I can rest the weight on my lap. (It's about 30x16 inches so far. I have added in the second ball of yarn without fucking that up. I'm so happy with myself.)

I've been making a progress on my Christmas knitting, too!! ^,^. I have many many things to knit, so I've made a list and have finished the fingerless gloves for Karis, half of the pair for Tiffany, and I've done 2/3 of Sterling's prezzie and need to think up something for her daughter. Thinking a toque in her basketball team's colour.

My birthday was...okay. Mostly alright, really. I worked, which was a bummer, then went to D&D, which was fun. I am honestly a bit sad, though. It was nice having my mom here before my birthday, but it made me miss her more than ever!! I miss my family, and I miss being a kid and getting a lot of cards. (I like presents, don't get me wrong, but snail mail cards make me the HAPPIEST of pandas. I love snail mail. ...that reminds me, it's time to write my grandmother again! She never answers because her memory is atrocious, but I still like to write her.)

But in good news, I got a Birthday Coupon from a store I like here, so I was able to pick up some new bras!! (so comfy. so much cute. so happy) and the comfiest of comfy flannel shirts. And a pair of jeans because one of my old pairs has a hole.

Not that y'all want to hear about my random shopping lol.

I've been working on some writing, albeit slowly. I'm excited about the fics I've been working on, but want to finish them and beta them before I post them. :-D (I vacillate between "aw yeah this is so awesome I love this" and "oh god i and everything i write are trash". It's exhausting.)

I'm still trying to find a copy of the Lothar poster from the WARCRAFT movie for our living room in a size that I like. We have this great big blank wall to the right of the TV and it desperately needs something awesome and nerdy. I have been veto'd on three awesome Star Wars posters (which surprised me!).

Oh and I used some of my birthday money from my mom to buy a new tarot deck mostly because of the art and I AM SO EXCITED but it won't ship for a while. Boo.

In World of Warcraft I finally found a group for Heroic Archimonde and now I have a moose mount!!! Its hooves glow like starlight when it flies, it's MAGICAL. (Eh.)

I am making banana bread today, trying a gingersnape-pecan variety. Going to make a vanilla-molasses glaze. :) I should go glaze it before raid starts.

Later! ♥

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