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Here's to hoping I'm still within my bi-weekly goal; to be honest, time has somewhat escaped me of late. Between the new World of Warcraft expansion and the always-changing hours of work, time is an ephemeral thing I can't seem to grasp. I'm even partially behind in menu planning and that is frankly unheard of.

No, really.

As you can guess, I have been playing a lot of WoW:Legion of late. I really adore the expansion and my need to write a gamer SSHG fic grows ever more powerful.

Speaking of fics, I'm working on the third chapter of a smutty sequel and the first two chapters are with my beta. :) I'm actually rather proud of myself for that!

I've made some headway on Christmas, though I am, admittedly, concerned about time constraints. You see, I started a scarf cowl thing yesterday and in an effort to be good to my bum wrist I managed to wrench my dominant shoulder. Which isn't grand. To be perfectly honest I feel a bit decrepit. Between the plantar facistis or however you spell it, my permanently-fucked left knee, my wrenches right knee (why oh why), my left bum wrist...well, suffice to say I feel a bit miserable. I've been taking aleve and icing/applying heat as appropriate. To whom do I apply for a new body? My shoulder should heal fairly quickly, and I have a brace for the wrist, so hopefully I will stay on track for Christmas planning.

I made sugar scrub cubes today!! Well, actually, I made sugar scrub gems because of the mold I used, but they came out great! I used a shea butter soap base, and a vanilla-pomegranate fragrance. Sooooooo lovely! I need to get better at molding them but as a trial run they're marvelous and work great!! My neighbour also gave me some coffee grounds for my next test batch. :)

I am planning to leave the house early tomorrow to mail some stuff before work. I hope I get Bobby out the door in time! With luck, the night's rest and meds and heat will have restored my poor strained sore shoulder to its former glory so I can move it without pain once more. :)

I'm rambling. Sorry. I'll shush.
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