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Managed to finally get around to commenting on Promptfest posts

I read/looked at everything but my phone detests mobile - I've barely touched my computer recentyl - so I forgot to comment until the reveal post went up and promptly went "oh (dirty word)"

In good news, I have begun Christmas present crafting. :) I had to put some aside to do a quick commission and a few other speedy projects, but I have until December, and then until January for some others when my bestie is due! (She's having a baby aaaaaah! I am making her a blanket and cross stitching a bath towel too but eeeeeeee baby!!!! Yay I am so jealous lol We don't know the gender yet but who cares a TARDIS bath towel is going to rock! And I chose the cutest sweetest most calming shade of minty green yarn ever it's going to be sooo cuuuuute)  I may be sneaking in some quick projects, too, for some other friends who are pregnant. They're both having boys and I have some really nice yarns that would be so soft on a baby!!

Also, Bobby and I went to the Cursed Child release party in costume! We had a lot of fun doing the various activities and basically basking in the nerdiness. We also entered the costume contest and I won second...while he won first!! :-D I have pics up on facebook. (Also video!) It was lovely.

I also devoured Cursed Child, and while I will forever ignore some parts of "canon", I admit that I loved it. I had been spoiled for part one and had thought "oh god no really??wtf" but I was wrong. I was so SO wrong. The journey and tale and adventure were incredible. I loved the characters and the spells. There were battles and sneaking and angst and heart-warming moments and heart-breaking moments. It took me just over an hour to read it but it was incredible and I really did love it. <3 <3

Not much else new with me - my mom is coming to visit on Wednesday so I am in a flurry of "finish my knitting projects AND clean the house". I've been getting over being sick and still can't really have dairy, which has been prompting some...interesting substitutions when it comes to cooking. Also I have been working. Lots of work. Many big coupons and lately customers have been bastards but hey I'm paid to be cheerful and friendly so that's me!! I have also sporadically been poking at fanfics I am working on. Here's to hoping I can finish some chapters and maybe post something. :(

And if I could get my mother in law to stop pestering about my birthday this month, that'd be great. I don't really have many friends here and I never know my schedule until the wednesday before, so what I really want is a nice quiet day/dinner and maybe a nerdy cake. Is that too much to ask? (Also cards. And a present or two. Flowers would be nice and acceptable as a present.)

Now I should head to bed I have to be up in five hours to take Bobby to work, then come home, clean, then I go to work, then raid in World of Warcraft.


Gnite!!! My goal this month/September is to reply to a bunch of emails/reviews, since my email is at 225 and I am a terrible horrible person I know I am so sorry and that's not even adding in Ashwinder I'm sorry

Date: 2016-08-01 11:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spikesgirl58.livejournal.com
Congrats on your win(s). Sounds like you are having a great time and that's what counts.

Keeping thinking to good thoughts, loving the special people in your life and don't be such a stranger!

Date: 2016-08-01 11:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] drinkingcocoa.livejournal.com
Loved Cursed Child, too. <3

Date: 2016-08-01 11:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sshg-pf-mod.livejournal.com
I hope you enjoyed the fest, and I get started with Christmas about this time of year, too! I'm heartened to hear what you have to say about Cursed Child, as well. :D —[livejournal.com profile] iulia_linnea

Date: 2016-08-06 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sparrowspark.livejournal.com
I heard there is more Snape feels though.
Was it done right or no?

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