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Hello, friends!

As you may know, this summer my grandmother passed away at the age of 92. As you may not know, our family planned her funeral for October so that all of us who were far away could be sure to attend.

(Er, don’t worry. She hasn’t been sitting around in a coffin under the deep freeze, she was cremated.)

Long story short, I am going to be away (mostly) for a week to fly to Southern California to attend two uncomfortable Mass, (is it masses? is that the plural for Mass in a church?) as well as a reception to which I will probably be allergic to, and to see her safely interred.

And then I’m going to Disneyland.

(No, really. Nammy used to work there, and I have so many good memories of her there. So my mom has friends who work there who will pass us in and we’re going to go celebrate her life. First ride is totally Peter Pan, which I remember her taking me on. I have a photo, too. Er, somewhere.)

So I shall see you all on or after the 7th! Our final flight is a night flight, so I may just sort of….pass out. ^^.;

Once I’m home, my Etsy, Stitchumsempra, will reopen with a coupon code. (So if you were eyeing some of my pillowcases, there’s a sale coming! Yay!)

Love you all, see you later!
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